Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Blog

Here it is, the Idea for the new blog and how it came to be.

So there I was, working away, (making icecream and such) and I couldn't help but notice how well people dress. [end of thought]

Earlier that day I'd been perusing blog after blog, and enjoying them all. I noticed that all of them had some essence of fashion/style to them. I mean, they featured outfits they owned and online stores that sold such fashionable items. "How cool", I thought [end of thought]

The two thoughts dance around each other a bit, sort of nodding awkwardly at each other,  before running smack into the other right before my break.

And they bloomed.

What if I had a camera, and camera skills to document these people in their everyday lives, living with style?

First bucket of water to dump in the boat: I have no camera, nor do I have camera skills.

First shovel of water tossed out: Kayla has a camera AND camera skills.

The basic gist of this new blog idea is this:

Wander around various parts of various cities (that are close-ish, cuz hey I have no car) and observe people living. Observe them AND their style.

I'd carry around little slips of paper with this new blog address written on it and hand it to people as I asked them if I could take their picture. Doing this will hopefully ensure them that we are legit and not just creepy stalkers, AND so that they can check it out and see themselves on a post and what others had to say about their style.

I want this to be a kind of project.

We express ourselves by the way we dress.  We wear what we do so that others can see. We all deserve to get recognized every once in a while. It makes us feel good. And I don't know anyone who doesn't deserve that.

This blog will include, all fashions and styles, young and old. Male and female.

No one gets left out.

And I want this new blog to be a place where people can share, applaud and enjoy each other's similarities and celebrate the differences. I want it to be a wholly positive place.

I know that there are forums similar in function to mine, I'm not claiming originality here.

But I want the difference to be how it comes about.

In other forums people upload themselves. I want this to be about going out and finding people.
Picking you out of a crowd and saying you look great. Making someone's day a little brighter.

Giving someone a boost of confidence or hope, even just for a tiny moment, and making that moment available for them to see and remember whenever they like.

Am I crazy?

Could this possibly work?

I don't know.

But I sure hope it does.

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meg. said...

love it.