Monday, May 16, 2011

Predictable machines

Trip to Noodles & Co today

partook of Tomato Basil soup which was both delicious and filling.

I ate it all.

It was much better than Kam's boring Chicken Noodle, even he agreed.

Went to the library to pick some new books.

Found a couple of winners.

I realized I read and check out books in groups of three.

It comforts me.

Bought new boots.

I came home and destroyed five skirts.

Then rehabilitated them.

Tried to make dinner under the influence.

The judges are still out on that one, but it might possibly win....


And I did it all with a fluffy face and tired eyes.

A day like this just makes me want to sit down and watch The Cosby Show.


Rae said...

I had tomato basil soup today as well. What a delicious coincidence.

Katie Bell said...

The Cosby Show is arguably my favorite show of all time. Every day is a Cosby Show day.