Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hay there

I'm sickly.

I was the throw-up kind of sick, but not anymore.

Now I'm the sore-throat-stuffed-nose-sore-body kind.

Maman makes me drink tea.

Herbal of course.

But mostly I just let it sit there.

I'm not a fan.

I suppose I would have been even more unpopular had I lived back in the day in, say, Europe, simply because I detest tea. I may have been the victim of impropriety.

I like the word tea, and teaspoon. But I hate tea.

It tastes like horses.

No, like hay.

Tea tastes the way hay smells.

To me hay smells a little bit like pee.  (crazy? most likely)

But here I am drinking my dumb tea in an effort to rehabilitate my voice because MixturedSounds officially started up this week.

Is it cheating if I record my video today and then just upload it tomorrow?

I just really feel like this nose/throat thing might only get worse for a little while.

Although I don't sound fantastic even now, it's probably better than it will be tomorrow.

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