Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hong Kong

Little guy today.

Getting ice-cream with his family.

He was really excited.

I mean, really excited.

He was getting a vanilla cone dipped in cherry.

"How do you dip it?! How do you dip it?! How do you dip it?!"

jumping up and down.

His sister put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him.

Didn't make a dent.

I said:  "I just turn it over into this pot and dip it."

"Doesn't it fall in?"

me:      "Only if there's too much ice-cream."

Little boy thinks for a moment, then says "Ohhhhhh! Like the Hong Kong cone?!"

I just nodded and tried not to let the little guy see how hard I was laughing.

His sister turned and said "It's King King, not Hong Kong."

Didn't make any difference, he just kept on bouncing.

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