Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well when it comes to life, I watch old Glee episodes

So. Today I've been watching the first season of Glee.

Watched the Theatricality episode.

Not exactly a favorite, but hey it's glee.

So I watch it.

I've never been of fan of Lady Gaga and her insanities.

She just seems too over-the-top. And definitely overrated.

You can't even say that she's not.

While I watched, I enjoyed Mercedes' purple wig-hairbow.

looked it up.

Did it.

it probably works ideally on people with straight hair.

So i'm itching to find a subject to try it on.

Then I'll probably grab Kayla, some fun props and demand a shoot.

p.s. Dear Chelsey has started a food-blog. She's so cute it kills me. Be a friend and follow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll let you do it to me :) Looks pretty fantastic haha