Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hey all.

I need a favor.

I have an audition coming up.

I've been practicing a few songs, but I haven't quite been able to decide on one.

This is where you come in.

Constructive criticism is my best friend right now.

Help a brother out?

Don't worry. They're supposed to be A Cappella.

Leave me a word?

Cool beans


Chrisanne said...

I'm gonna with Jessie J. My only thing would be not to slide up to every note, it would be kinda fresh if you came down on top of the note a few times instead. Love you, love your voice. You're like THE coolest person ever.

Rae said...

Mmmm Maroon 5. Their songs always make people's voices sound really good. Just good music. I vote that one.

Calix said...

That is awesome!!! I would say that it kinda depends on what you are auditioning for . . . but I would go with either the jessie j. or maroon 5. I know that is not too helpful but I would think about what kind of song the person/ group would "connect" with more so . . .?

Lys said...

I likey that Maroon 5. :)

LyndiLou said...

I love your cool, smooth voice so I think the first or second one would be great. Everyone else seems to like the Maroon 5 one, so that seems like a great choice! Good luck, Ruth dear!