Monday, August 29, 2011

Bits from a trip

Ned, ned, NED, Ned.
Ned. it starts to look funny when you write it that many times in a row.

There's a Sea of Yellow outside my window.
Tejon Ranch.
All these trees, they're just separate, lone, beautiful.
Not gathered in clusters, but spaced out.
They almost look black against the yellow grass.
Rolling hills of yellow grass.
Good thing I'm not listening to the music playing. It's Yanni. Yanni bores me to tears.
Instead I'm listening to Kam's big daddy iPod, since my baby one died (rest in peace).
Beach House to be exact. Is what I'm listening to. For some reason Heart of Chambers is considerably quieter than the rest.
We've still got ten hours of road ahead and big daddy's showing red.
Beach House sounds like these hills, you know.
Dry and sweeping. Pale yellow, dotted with green trees that may or may not be black.
I wish I could make music that sounded something like a desert or maybe even fog.

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