Saturday, August 6, 2011

..... i'm upset

Once upon a time I went on a rant.

I was quite upset at the time and I can only say that I am more so, even now.

Borders is officially closing it's doors. Everything must go.

I find it a little bit heartbreaking. Dramatic?


But perhaps you don't fully understand. So I'll explain.

My family has been making trips there ever since I was little. It was tradition. On birthdays and special occasions we went out to eat, went to a movie at the Wynnsong, and afterward we'd stroll over to Borders and everyone got to pick a book. (Getting a gift on someone else's birthday pretty much rocks. Kinda makes it feel like I have seven birthdays.) And guess what is always in our stockings on Christmas morning?

Borders Giftcards.

What do I have to look forward to now?

Barnes & Noble smells like pee.

Not the way a decent bookstore should.

A real bookstore smells of coffee and paper. NOT pee.

plus ol' barnes & noble sold out.

"man... that kindle crap is getting really popular... maybe we should make out own stupid version of it and call it "Nook"... that kind of sounds like "book"... so maybe people will get confused and they won't know the difference...."

Pee-scented sell-outs. (plus, once you're insulted by an uppity woman with a lazy eye... there's no going back.)

I can't help but feel that these newfangled gadgets are at fault. It hurts me.

Dear Borders,

From Junie B. to Thoreau you were always there for me. A single trip could make my day countless watts brighter. I could sit and read in the splendor of words. Inhaling the smell that stuck to my lungs and tickled my nostrils. Cover after cover, spine after spine, the excitement never lessened, in fact it only grew. After 12 years of enchantment, I'm pained to see you go. I can only imagine in horror what will inhabit that building, after each book, each shelf, each well-padded chair is stripped from it. 

It's not enough to say I'll miss you.



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Rae said...

We should try and find an old bookstore that's not a huge chain thing so it's all cute and small and, of course, contains the needed substance for the upcoming book drought. Like I immediately think of the bookstore in You've Got Mail. I wonder if there is one around downtown provo like that.

Katrina Marie said...

There is the cutest little book store in Cedar City, so I am not too depressed about Border's.