Tuesday, August 23, 2011


that's what my thoughts are now.

Bright, but not in a way that's synonymous with sunlight. Just sort of shouting in a subtle way

It's a beautiful day, 69 degrees. Perfect

I could be upset right now, down on myself. Distraught and discouraged.

Or I could enjoy the day.

Plus, I don't know that I can even say that I feel much like being down on myself right now.

I'm actually more relieved.

Sure, I wanted it, but it was stressing me out more than anything else.

Now, I can breathe easy,
begin to enjoy time like it's mine,
fret less about the future and focus on being.

My life isn't changing,

but it's always changing.

Right now I feel ready for whatever comes.

I think I'll go have some fish and chips.


Bethany said...

I feel like... That's how I feel. Almost symmetrically. Minus the fish & chips.

Bethany said...

To my above comment: ...And minus "The Voice" audition, apparently.