Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your face is like an open wound

Enid. I might understand her. I wonder if she would understand me too. It's more likely that she would just hate me. She's as misanthropic as I am. But she vocalizes her disgust a little louder than I do. I just sort of grumble to myself. She grumbles to the world. I'm not sure I understand the title. I hope there's a book. There's always a book. And it's always better. I think I read somewhere that it's based off of a graphic novel. That's pretty much a book, right?

Maybe I should read it, then maybe I'll understand the title.

I can understand why Becky's upset. Sort of. I mean, maybe she feels upstaged or something. Which is less admirable. If she felt replaced, then her anger would be natural, acceptable. But  I can't say that that's the reasoning behind her annoyance. Maybe she likes it better when Enid comes in second. Some people are just like that.

I was a little disappointed when Enid presented the chicken poster, but then not. I probably would have done the same thing if the opportunity arose for me the way it did for her. Sometimes it's easier just to give in then to try to push for what you want to say. Most times, it is.

If they didn't curse so much, it might be a favorite. But then there's Holden, he's just as bad, and he's a favorite...

Enid. I would name a child after her if I didn't think it would traumatize a kid. I just like what Enid stands for, but not. Like Holden, if I didn't hate the name Holden, I would love it. I'm warmer to the name Enid, but I think I may be warmer to Holden himself. Maybe I'll change my mind.

I like the idea of being named after someone or something, specifically. Named with a picture in mind. Enid would be a strange picture. Not really a bad one, just ...a strange one.

Enid and Holden. They remind me of each other. If they hadn't lived in completely different time periods they might have been friends.

Enid's story is comparable to Holden's. But less tragic.
Or a maybe more so.
sort of.

Maybe Enid would understand me.

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