Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Wednesday

I'm ready for sweaters, and hats and boots and long pants.

I always say I'll go up the canyon in the deep of the color change and snap as many pictures as my heart desires. But I've only actually done that, like, once in 5 years. pshk. Lame.

This year it will be done, I tell you.

And I'll go "Catcher" crazy and spend my days perched on a cement wall drinking in the words. Nose cold, slightly runny (of course), wind bitten cheeks.

I pretty much can't wait.

This whole "sunny" business is really throwing me off.


Bethany said...

You have so much hair. So much lovely hair. You could share with the class and I'd be fine with that...

Katie said...

Ya, lovin' your hair!

Lys said...

That picture is lovely. Plus also, you are lovely.