Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It seems I've been bestowed upon

and I was unaware until about three minutes ago when I decided to visit dear Katie's blog.

this would be said award.
Katie's pretty cool, yo. She's probably a fair child. Just kidding, but not really because she totally is. No jokes.
Katie's a silly little kitten with about a zillion fantastic blogs, and her photography is top-notch, kids.
So yeah, she is a versatile blogger. Pyyeah, what now blogfaces?

It seems there are some rules to follow once bestowed upon with this particular award.
You're wondering, right? Good, because I'll tell you anyway.

1) Thank the bestowing blogger. (Thanks K-k-k-Katie)
2) Share seven things about yourself
3) Pass this on to five other fabulash bloggers

Ok, alright, ok. Seven things, eh?

1) I'm dying for fall to come, but that's the story of my life. Summer is the most excruciating part of my existence.

2) I'm a lunatic. The moon causes my intermittent insanity. (I kind of just really love the moon and sometimes I can get a little hairy about it.)

3) I'm pretty sure my nose never stops running. It's probably some chronic disease, a mild one of course, but hey, if you ever need a nice clean tissue, I'm all stocked up.

4) I'm always losing everything, never permanently (well not usually), but still. So if you call or text me and I don't answer/respond, I don't hate you, I just lost my phone temporarily (but don't count on it, because there's always a chance that I do hate you... just sayin')

5) I'm a sucker for the strange, unique, and absurd. Check out Martin de Thurah, what a nut.

6) mmmm it's probably no secret that I'm not the friendliest, but it's most likely because I'm trying to hate you before you hate me. Plus, I have almost zero faith in people (just look what working in fast food has done to me. Plus, also everybody is a jerk.)

7) Junie B. Jones was my first favorite. She annoyed the heck out of me but I liked her style, she said what was on her brain and didn't let people get to her (not even that stupid Jim. Oh, don't worry I probably just read the entire series again last sunday, no biggie).

Hmm four fanchastic bloggerts:

Bethany - bethanesque
Miss Kim - Her Simple Life

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I love Junie B.
And your seven things. Especially the imagery of #2. Hah.