Thursday, September 22, 2011


So this one girl, her name is bethany and she writes a lovely blog called bethanesque. Say it out loud, bethanesque. Again, bethanesque. I love doing that (plus, also I really wish I had the talent for naming things, like, you know, blogs or children... Kudos bethany, I kind of hate you (but not really)).

Anyhow, lovely bethany did a post on how odd she felt about someone who had the same name, not having been used to hearing her name and realizing the speaker was calling, not her attention, but someone else's. I told her I knew the feeling, but I don't really (I'm sorry I lied to you bethany...). But here's the thing, when I introduce myself I hear one (or more, people really don't limit themselves when it comes to these things) of three things:

1) That's a Biblical name! (followed by "Do you know who Ruth was in the Bible?" of course not trolls, I'm a heathen. whatever.)

2) That's my grandma/great aunt's name!

3)That's my middle name!

(I add exclamation points because these people are bizarrely excited to share this information.)

It gets a little old, but whatever. What really gets me is when people ask me what "Ruth" is short for...
Sometimes I reply with,                                
You know,  just for chuckles.

Being named ruth also makes me prone to all kinds of nicknames: ruthie-poo, ruthie-pie, ruthie von pie, ruth-ann, ruthie-guthie, ruthalopolas, and most common, baby ruth.

Pretty crazy, yeah? I know. I get the jokes, and teasing and all that jazz, but I like not having to wonder if someone is addressing me. It's kind of nice. And I've never really known another ruth. I'm mean, it's not as if they don't exist (although we are categorized as mythical creatures, you know, like sirens or something) . They do, but I just meet them in passing. So, unlike bethany, I've never been faced with the awkward feeling that is being in the same space as someone who also carries your name. Knowing that, I always figured my name was pretty original. Well, guess what? Google totally crushed that dream. Upon further investigation, it seems there is an entire website dedicated to searching through the skillions of ruth gonzalez' in the world to find the one you're looking for. Don't believe me? Take a look.

Kind of feels like a kick in the stomach, doesn't it?


Bethany said...

Margaret. Hahah.
Yes, sometimes I think, "Yay. I love that nobody has my name in the proximity of me." But obviously that must turn out to be inevitably false eventually. Sigh.

You're cool.

Courtney said...

It disturbs me when I meet someone with my same last name (although I think lately it is the people with my last name and not the name itself--they are bringing shame to themselves and to my last name).

Katie said...

What bothers me about my name is my name is what people shorten their name to. So then I get in a class with 15 Katies and everyone refuses to go by their real name even if it'd make things less confusing. 'Cause my name is Katie. I can't switch to a Katelyn or Katherine or whatever.