Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raise new glee

Just watched the season premiere of three spunky shows.

glee. I'm a little confused, but whatever, as long as it's funny I'm game. Plus, also, Lindsay from the glee project has done the first of her promised two-episode guest appearances, hopefully the next one will also come swiftly so that I don't have to wait in horror and anticipation for her next appearance. Won't lie, she did well in her part, but let's be real people, she didn't she have to do a whole lot of acting to come across as a creepy musical theater buff who thinks she's better than the whole world.

New Girl: Let's be honest, even if this show ends up sucking (which it won't), we're all going to keep watching it just to see the lovely Zooey act like a totally hilsterical (that's hil-arous/hi-sterical) loon. I'm ready for it, are you?

Raising Hope: Do I really need to even say anything? That's show is effreaking hilarious, and unbelievably entertaining. And Grayson Chance in the first episode? Duh. It was meant to be. He's the lost Chance family member.

Now, shows I still have the pleasure of looking forward to:

Modern Family (duh)

Happy Endings (if you haven't seen it, watch it now)

The Middle (Brick is my favorite character)

Cougar Town (hello?)


Katie said...

I'm sooooooo excited for Modern Family! Seriously, it doesn't get more fun than that show!

Hutch's Blog said...

Can't decide how I feel about Glee. I love Modern Family sooo much. I thought I was the only person who liked Cougar Town.

CarrieAnn said...

I love New Girl! I love Zooey! :)
Cougar Town is so funny. I love that show!

Rae said...

First four shows you posted about ARE A WIN. I especially love the Raising Hope thing you pulled with the "hilsterical" hybrid. ("Having a baby will dramastically change your life!") Pretty sure I"m confused about Glee, too. Where is Sam???