Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shut up. it's halloween and I probably hate you

I get grumpy when I'm tired?

no. not really.

Oh  halloween, the joyous holiday where I make the most grievous mistake of introducing Kam to a creepy movie that makes my head hurt. And he loves it. I don't know what I'll do with that boy.


We visited dear Ashley at Noodles, and then made our way to the Anguish Asylum. Something fun to do on halloween but probably not worth fifteen dollars. Though I did get a crick in my neck from bracing myself against creepers.

I love how they tell you all the rules before you go in, rules like : the actors won't touch you so please don't touch them. But I'm pretty sure that sticking their faces into my hair and blowing in my ear counts as touching. And I'm pretty sure if they were trying to suffocate me with chainsaw gas, they almost succeeded. Poor Kayla was too scared to go, but it was fun.

Penelope and Nerdlette

I love halloween. And I love that the ladies who live across the street from Kameron hate halloween because it scares the living jujubees out of them, so they put up Christmas lights, dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus and serve cinnamon hot chocolate to passersby.


Bethany said...


Kayla said...

I wasn't scared.... Just didn't want to pay $15 ;)

ashley in wonderland said...

i adore it. ADORE IT! you look so cute. also, have i already talked to you about how much i love your blog header and title. OH MY, how obsessed was i with relient k in High School? so obsessed.