Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stripes of life

I woke with a start this morning to my irritatingly shrill alarm at 5am.
I woke with a moderate start for the second time to my phone buzzing with a call from Kam at 5:45am.
But I was only asleep for a second, I swear.

I threw on a skirt and a turtle neck (good thing my early morning brain realized I would be way too frazzled to remember a scarf), scoured my teeth, and frantically stuck bobby pins into my pathetic excuse for a bun, then ran out the door, with Kameron trailing close behind, and seated myself in the dark suburban where Kameron and I promptly fell asleep again until we'd reached the Temple.

Manti is a favorite, and Kameron wanted to go to a live session before he leaves for the MTC, his mother asked me if I would like to come and do baptisms with Kam's sisters while they did a session, of course I said yes, because Manti is a favorite, remember?

True story: I ended up doing baptisms alone at 8 o'clock this morning. 

The baptistry was quiet, peaceful and the temple workers were sweet. I never wrote my name down on a piece of paper but each temple worker I encountered remembered my name (both first and last). We were alone just the temple brethren, sisters and I at 8 o'clock this morning. 

One hour.
Four Brethren.
Three sisters.
and me.

50 names, 50 heavenly sisters. 
50 baptisms, 50 conformations.

I love the old Temples, they're so beautiful and so personal.

There are four days left

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Bethany said...

Hey I know that place.
Sounds peaceful.