Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is mine

Recently I've been avoiding, even dreading, doing real blog posts. Tunesdays and my covers are easy. But real posts, you know the kind that I used to do, thinking about it makes me certainly ill.
I hate that. This used to be where I would come to talk to myself, to read it back to myself and try to decipher my own code.

I've been considering going back to traditional (well as traditional as mine is) journal-writing.

Somewhere along the line this blog stopped being mine. I became obsessed with trying to figure out what would make my followers actually read my blog (Don't lie, I know the large majority of you skip over my posts when they show up on your dashboard. Don't worry. I'm over it). I tried on different bloggers to see how they fit on my page. And here I am, nearly loathing my blog.

And I'm finished with all that. It's not what I want. It's not what I wanted this blog to be.

I'll blog whenever I want to, about whatever I want to.

For every follower gained, a follower is lost. That's my blog's dynamic. I'm over it. I didn't start this blog to get followers.


Hutch's Blog said...

I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...


And don't worry. I don't skip over in dashboard. (: