Monday, December 5, 2011

Trust me, your face is blue

So this one time, I read a blog post from a blog of this guy I knew (a boy blog? saywhat?) And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read it. The whole thing.

and it was good.

He talked about the Myers Briggs test.

So I took it.

Turns out I'm an ISFJ also known as The Protector.

after reading about my particular personality type, it seems I'm the kind of person who isn't crazy about a lot of people, but the people I am crazy about, dear, I'm crazy crazy about them. I'm straight up loyal.

You should read what he wrote. right... here

"Oh , don't even go there!"
"I was born there, there's a placard there commemorating me!"
Oh ask me if I love Community, please.

What type are you?


Katie said...

Niiice, I did that test in a class last year. I'm a ISFP.

Laura said...

You read Jan's blog? Me tooooooo! He's a pretty decent boy bloggist. I actually just took the test and he happened to come over right afterwards and analyzed the results. Turns out I'm an INTJ. Cool stuff.