Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you know what I mean?

Like the time we make is time we spend 
In time we’ll know, time is the mend. 
Making meaning meaningless, 
Turning down the superego 
It seems as though only one person may be right 
But it’s difficult to say who is who. 
Cursing those who make a mockery
Seeing those who wonder at why there is a mockery 
Action, action 
Take the action 
No one knows quite who is there. 
No one knows what’s underneath. 
Why can’t it be obvious? 
Seeing that meaning is meaning less
Deep down inside we’re all there 
If you’re not in action, then take the action. 
The action
Who can make the action? 
You can make the action. 
There will always be more time, or so they think. 
Time to make amends. 
Time to decide, to turn and decide
They make you wrong. They make you deride. 
They make you nothing if you’re not what they are. 
Why can’t it be obvious? 
Make it what it ought to be. You have the power. 
Use the sight behind your eyes, because that sight can never lie. 
Don’t make judgments by what you see, make a judgment by which you are. 
Where are you and who are you? 
What makes up your definition? Who makes up your clicks in volition? 
Who can we be?

Why did the clock break?
Who made that sound mistake?
The ticking made those silent tears upon a numbered face
Worry, worry, winding down, 
Daylight savings breaks the ground.
Time is a race.
Why did the window shatter?
Who thought that it would matter?
That dear reflection caving in
The shine and buzz came from within
Scratched and scintillating, growing thin
An empty translucence fills the hollow

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