Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good news

she's dead.

Is it sad that I always finish that phrase this way in my head? Blame that one popular musical.


And went to work, thank the heavens I didn't have to call in sick because that would have knocked out one of the two shifts I have this week. Blimey.

So happiness happens to me sometimes.

(sadness happens when a band I'm in love with comes to our great state and I narrowly miss their performance.)

This week has been a happy one.

I saw Isaac Russell and devoured the sound of his songs acoustically.

 Live music is so. much. better.

Whilst waiting in line to see sir Isaac, mine eyes viewed a poster announcing the Naked and Famous playing the Depot in April. The Naked and Famous are pretty cool, right? but I probably wouldn't have gone horribly out of my way to go see them.


via tumblr, I've discovered that one of my favorite groups is joining The Naked and Famous tour in March.
mmmmmmeaning, they will be here with those Naked guys in April.

I love when things fall together that way

Oh Now, Now

How I love you.

You should for shiz check them out of the hizzy.

Get a free download of "School Friends" here.
Like them on facebook and get a free download of "Dead Oaks"

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