Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr & Mrs Livingston

How adorable.

Megan's dress was to die for, the whole ensemble was just fantastic.

The hall itself was a picture of lovelyness.

Singing in a room full of happy people was fun.

Lost a bit of skin from my finger tips but it was completely worth it.

Played "You're the One that I Want" as they danced their first dance.

I can't thank Meg and McKay enough for letting me be a part of such a lovely occasion.

I wish you every happiness.

And thank you.

So much.


BriAnna Jenkins said...

I just found your blog. Woohoo!
I really enjoyed your lyrical musings at the wedding... and so wish that I hadn't been running around like a crazy chicken so that I could say hello.
In any case, you were quite lovely, and I so enjoyed it <3

ruthie.von said...

Thank you :) it really was lovely, and I must say you did magic with Meg's ensemble, kudos!