Thursday, January 5, 2012

One year ago

Well roughly one year ago...
I had no job to speak of, and no money to think of.
I felt like a cheapskate with Christmas coming around the corner and me with nothing to give. again.

I hatched an Idea, a plan.

Kam brought over his iMac and we started to record. A lot.
On multiple occasions, I wanted to throw my guitar across the room and punch myself in the face.
But I didn't. Because Kam never let me.
When it was finally finished I had ten songs, twenty cds inside twenty ziplock bags, (I'm cheap remember?) and I was off to deliver.

I gained a little confidence in myself and started up a facebook music page

And then I discovered the "record" feature on photobooth.

Post Christmas. Lazy. still in my pajamas. and my messy, messy room in the background.

Before I realized there were ways of making the videos louder, obviously. And the day I decided I needed a haircut.

And as January went on, I made videos for the songs on my Christmas gift,

Kam had never seen (and still hasn't) Cats. I popped it in while I was vacuuming and remembered how much I love this song. It got stuck in my head. Kam came over and I decided maybe he didn't need to watch Cats (I'd forgotten about the long and boring songs...).

A time when I re-obsessed over Fiona Apple.

When Meg first blogged about me an nearly broke my heart with happiness. I've loved her ever since.

When I began listening to nothing but Patty Griffin. I miss those times.

When I got a job at Macey's.

When my Tia Ingrid requested this song.

When I blogged about an amazing little girl and how she inspired me.

When I bought my uke.

When little Grace Jeanette and My Chemical Romance fans everywhere made my life Happier than anything.

When I professed my love for Julie Andrews in song.

When Katrina requested this song.

When I got my wisdom teeth out... drugs make me more rambly than I usually am...

When I was practicing this song to play with Kam at his ward talent show.

When I fell in love with Cougar Town.

When I joined MixturedSounds.

When Ashley and I were practicing to sing at Lisa's Wedding and we made this video.

When J.j. came up from Texas for Makenzi's graduation and we did a song together.

When MixturedSounds started up.

When Mixturedsounds had Folk week.

When MixturedSounds had Australian Artists week.

When MixturedSounds had British Artists week.

When MixturedSounds had Classic Rock week.

When I was preparing to audition for The Voice (yes, I know, very few of you were privy to this fact, but now you know).

I decided to go with "You've Got the Love". I secretly hated "Price Tag" and I put "Must Get Out" in my back pocket.

When MixturedSounds had Musicals week.

When I sang at Ale's birthday party.

When MixturedSounds had Punk Rock week.

When MixturedSounds had Favorite Love Songs week.

When Maman, Pappy and I loaded the car and drove to San Francisco.

When I auditioned for The Voice.

When I watched Whip It and a rerun of Reba and this song got stuck in my head.

When I watched Karmin's Suicide Roll hair tutorial.

When I first shared an original song. (hopefully more to come.)

When Lizzy introduced me to the beauty that is Lana Del Rey. (and when I began to get sick of my bangs and started parting my hair in the middle.)

When I fully realized my best friend was leaving. Off to serve the Lord for two years.

Coming up on Christmastime with a little Brandi Carlile.

When I decided to record some of the songs I'll sing at dear old Meg's wedding.

It's only been a year since I started all this, and somehow I can't imagine my life without it. I want to thank all of you for supporting me and my love for music. It's been a great year and I love looking back on all the kind words that have been said.

Meg's Wedding is on Friday. I'm crazy excited. Thank you Meg, you make my life happy.

I love all of you guys.

Thanks for listening.


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