Sunday, January 15, 2012

Times like these

Friends: best friends, old friends, good friends, new friends.

Best, old friends are great for jokes and rascal quotes and livening the fireside, and dragging you along into awkward encounters with chatty males who want pick her up.

New friends are cool when it's just you two, but acts weird when anyone else is around, practically jumping out of the car when you pull up to his house, throwing a rushed goodbye over his shoulder.

Best, old friends get frazzled over the awkward encounter and breathe deeply, going back over it with you while parked in your driveway.

New friends leave their phone in Best, old friend's car so you go back to return it to them. New friend gingerly takes his phone from you after his mother answers the door, then promptly (and uncomfortably) dismisses you.

New friend acts weird, and you wonder if it'll always be that way...

Best, old friend is basically unconsolable, but you pat her head lovingly anyway.

Then you sit at home and think to yourself,

These are the moments when you wish Best, good, great friend were here to talk to.
These are the times when you miss him the most.
You shed a tiny tear and then re-read the letters he's sent and it makes you happier than anything.
Times like these make you love him more.

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