Monday, February 13, 2012


Sugar and peaches.

"Sugar and peaches?", you ask.
"Sugar and peaches.", I say.

You think for a moment, then turn to me and say,

 "That makes me feel girly."

No, no. It's how I see you: sugar and peaches.
The skin of your cheeks, a friendly rose touch,
soft, warm color, like a peach.
and I pinch you,
It's all I can do to keep from biting your face.

Peaches are lovely, peaches are beautiful
and if I may say, so are you.

Peaches and sugar, that's what you are.
Sweeter and softer by day.
That seed in your center,
your red, beating heart
is the prize that I'm willing to win.

Sugar and peaches,
dulcet and calm.
Speak to me softly, whispering words,
words that remind me of winds.
Your smile, it could save me.
Your laughter, like water,
refreshing my desert heart.

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