Friday, February 24, 2012

Past, perfect, present tense

I sit here reading collected stories from Richard Peck.
I like him.

I sit here wearing a yarn sweater that brings to mind a tabby cat.
maybe it's because It's a little itchy.
cats make me itch,
cats make me heave,
cats make my sinuses weep.

maybe it's because I think of Jennyanydots each time I don this sweater.
she's a tabby cat.
she's a gumbie cat.
maybe I'm a bit gumbie today,
just sitting,
and sitting,
and sitting.
that's what makes a gumbie cat.

But this sweater, I like it.
It pleases my eyes and warms my arms.
But it's a bit itchy.

I take it off
but then I get cold.

I put it back on,
and then I get itchy.

Oh, this dilemma,
the human plight.

I suppose I could always remove this tabby sweater and replace it with and un-itchy kind of sweater...
but that would mean standing up...

1 comment:

miki said...

That sweater looks super comfortable or super itchy. Maybe you just need long sleeves under it :)