Tuesday, February 28, 2012


and by that I mean sister. (a little cutie in my sunbeam class says it that way)

Isn't she the prettiest missionary you ever saw?

Just finished reading my sister's latest email. She makes me want to be a better person. I've always looked up to my sister (figuratively. Physically, she's nearly a foot shorter than me...), but reading her letters every week, hearing her stories and her testimony makes me want to be just like her, more than I ever have.
She's such a strong person and I know that in almost every way she's a stronger person than I am. She's always been there to protect me and show me the way (even if that meant showing me what not to do). I love my sister so much, she's always been such a support to me and she continues to be, even from thousands of miles away.

It's strange to think that in a matter of months she'll be back here, squeezing my middle, nose all scrunched up with that goofy grin on her face. I'm excited for her return, but I'm sad for the people of Argentina, they'll be losing a great missionary.

In short, I love my sister. Buckets and buckets.

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Bethany said...

You both look a lot alike.

I like people like that. (: