Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So much

There's love.             a lot.
and knowing that puts fear in my weak little heart
I've always been fearful, but never like this.
These are strange things I feel.
Sometimes I just want to watch you blink
or look at your teeth
or hear you sigh.
But why?
It seems so strange to me, I can't stop myself from it
and even as I stare I wonder why

I can't read you
not like my books that tell me just what I need to know.
I wonder what you might be like
as a book.

If I stay where I am, keep doing as I'm doing,
pining for you as you sit next to me,
I'll probably explode.

All these questions streaming into my head
with no outlet
I'm getting salty.

I might be too afraid for love
I'm not a good leaper.

Am I a creep?
For thinking so much?
For fearing so much?
For feeling so much?

I think.
I think I just might be.

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