Wednesday, February 29, 2012

these things do happen

I worked a clopen (phrase provided by one, Hutchington Young) again.
But it was worse.

before I left for work yesterday:
 I should shower...
but I'm only going to get stinky, and sweaty at work. I'll smell like deli. I wouldn't be able to sleep in such a state...
I'll shower when I get home...

When I got home from work at 11:30pm:

I should really... zzzzzzzz

This morning at 5:30am:

This morning at 10:30am:
So lazy. too lazy.

Then Calix called.
She was locked out.
I was stinky.
She came over and we chatted for a few hours.
Then we watched New Girl and I did her hair.

we both liked this style best
Doesn't she have great hair?

Then I super had to pee (when do I not?)
So I went, and while I was there in the bathroom I made an executive decision.
I showered.
Fastest shower I've ever taken in my life.
Calix almost didn't even notice.

We celebrated my cleanliness by heading to her house, pigging out on salads with feta and 80's movies.

Good leap day, everyone.


miki said...

Was there a new New Girl on last night? Mine didn't record and I thought for sure it was American Idol's fault. I through a fit! Also her hair is very cute, good job!

Hutchington Y. said...

Hey you talked about me! How wonderful.

I also do that all the time with the shower. Before or after work? When I get home from work, I always forget that I had planned on taking a shower. Oh well.