Sunday, February 12, 2012


(the exclamation point is part of the band name...)

Today, all around, was a pretty great day.

Calix, Makenzi and I decked our faces with individually designed masks and we ventured out to enjoy the night afore mentioned. It was pretty great to say the least.

Mehr. I am so tired. I've been closing in the deli at 11pm only to get up in to morning to work front-end go-backs at 6am the following morning. My eyes are tired, and my brain feels fluffy.

Our masks turned out so well.

more pictures to come....


Hutch's Blog said...

Clopens are the worst. I work til 9 at night on Saturdays and come back at 4 Sunday mornings.

Tam said...

Why is your hair so pretty! I'm super jealous right now.