Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The worst song ever written

It's Valentine's day.
Last year you picked me up in the morning, we went to your house.
You presented me with peanut butter cups you made from scratch,
then Lovie Face (I love the way you name things, like the fish named Gulpy and the bird named Chirpy) the bear
and lastly you sang the song you wrote for me...

"...I'm gonna sing you a song
It isn'y very long
It's probably the worst song of all time.
I'm not that great with words, 
So it only has one verse,
but I'm gonna sing it anyway....
Here I go...."

I cried because you were so stinking adorable (and a little because I cry at everything).

Two years ago it was a sunday, 
I'd just gotten home from choir tour.
You came to my door, 
I invited you in but you beckoned me to come out.
I could see anxiety on your face, it made me smile.
I followed you to your car, 
you opened the door and pulled out a giant heart-shaped box.
Inside a lovely hand-written letter and about a million heart-shaped reese's cups.
A rose.

This year you sent me a letter, a tape, a handmade card and a pack of reese's cups.
You asked me to be your Valentine.
And I will.

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