Sunday, March 11, 2012


marry the mole.

Kim was moving to Montana next week.
Now she's not.
This is a good thing because her birthday is on the 26th.
Plus Festival of Colors. Who wants to miss that?

I laughed so hard at Beastly tonight.
Remind me never to take movie suggestions from Calix, Kim or Makenzi.
Unless they're ok with me interjecting every five seconds,
filling the pathetically cheesy moments with "what-could-happen" through the whole thing.
 (i.e. As they walk along the lake he might say "Hey! wanna see something funny?" and then proceed push her into the lake while she flails helplessly because she can't actually swim....
that could happen, right?...)
Kim's a good one to watch movies-to-make-fun-of with.
Makenzi gave in eventually and joined us.

All around it was a pretty good night.

I may have spent $50 on four seasons of Ugly Betty...

I just love it.

I don't think I've ever been more excited for spring.
We've had an extremely weak-sauce winter and I'm growing all too weary of it.

Happy Daylight savings or something.


Katie Bell said...

Oh my, I'm so with you on Beastly. Worst movie ever. The screenplay made me cringe, and don't even get me started on the acting.

Katie said...

Okay I love, love, LOVE Ugly Betty!! In fact, you have always kind of reminded me of her. You're both just true to yourself and beautiful and awesome!

Gentri said...

Ok, first- LOVE that your title (and first sentence) is from Thumbelina. i loved that movie growing up! haha! That's a constant quote between my sister, friend, and myself. :) Second- Beastly was TERRIBLE. That's the end. Third- I love festival of colors! I recently moved to st george though so I probably won't get to go. :( Fourth- just stopped by from miss Lauren's blog (Lauren Elizabeth) because she named you "Most 'Talented' Blogger". I had to come listen to your music myself. :)