Sunday, March 18, 2012

Patrick's days

I'm sure the fact that I force Makenzi to spend hours upon hours with me takes a toll on her.
At 1pm we hustled on down to the MOA to see my former guitar teacher's recital.
It was glorious (minus the girl sitting next to me with the particularly clicky buttons who felt the need to text often.)

Then we were starved, so we went to Cafe Rio. mmm tasty.
Later, we hopped over to the library. 

We play a game,
pick a book from the shelf, 
read the title aloud,
open to a random page,
read aloud and laugh.

Most books will sound ridiculously laughable when read this way, without any context.

No books tickled our fancy, so we trekked to the movie section.

 "Let's look for a movie in the ho section, we're bound to find a winner...."
       -Words from Makenzi


Makenzi made her pick.
Eight years later, I made mine.

Back to the house, chitchat with Maman, then back out to hunt for yellow nail polish.

Her eyes are beautiful, no?

It's nearly midnight.
She just left for home.

I love that girl.

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