Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been over a year since I've been posting videos  regularly on my youtube channel
and I've finally made it to 200 subscribers

This new is both discouraging and encouraging.

Discouraging because I have personally witnessed new youtubers on the scene, been one of their first subscribers, and seen them gain thousands of subscribers in a matter of weeks. Most of these lovely people have only been on the youtube scene for a few months with maybe three or four videos.
I have 75 videos (82 if you count mixturedsounds) and I've been on youtube for three years.

Encouraging because the more subscribers I have, the more people I can share music with. This part of the youtube community is so lovely, with lovely people who have good things to share, and I can't say enough just how much I appreciate those people who have supported me for so long.

So I think I'll just focus on those lovely people for now.

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