Thursday, April 5, 2012


I done it.
Plus, also I didn't even remember that when you donate your hair to locks of love they cut it for free.
(probably because the last time I did it was six years ago...)
So awesome all around, eh?
Here ya go, take a gander.



that's 14 inches of hair...


Ta- da!

Have a lovely day, buckets.


Natalie said...

ah! go you! looks good! let's be friends! too much?

it looks good.

Laura said...

Loooooooove it.
Also, I went to Sammy's for the first time two nights ago. I approve of your job.

Bethany said...

Yeh-hess! You look so great! (: That's so grand.


Lys said...

RUTH! Oh my heavens I love it. Also, you are rockin' those red lips. Lovely all around!