Friday, April 6, 2012


 Sarah asked, and I get this question a lot. So here I go.

When I first started to wear lipstick I was getting it all over my clothes on sundays in the nursery and those cute little buckets couldn't help but reach up and smear it all over my face. That's when I decided to try lipstain.

The first one I tried was Maybelline's Colorsensational: Cherry Pop

The color is a cheeky red, and it stays well and it's got a sweet taste if it happens to get in your mouth. BUT it dried out my lips and the color stick dried out pretty quickly too.

Then came NYC's Smoochproof: 494

I'm not crazy about it. the color is nice, but tit clumps and fades. 

I then decided to go for Revlon's Just Bitten: Gothic

I like the color, it's a deep red, plus I love that it includes a moisturizing stick that doesn't make the color come off. If you don't mind reapplying now and then, this one is a winner.

This led to trying Revlon's ColorStay Overtime: Non-stop Cherry

It's a dark pink, maybe even a little bit purple. I like it a lot,  it's not a lipstain but it doesn't rub off and it lasts all day with out having to reapply. Love it.

Now for the real sticks:

This is my bright pink color, and I love it. It's actually one that used to be my mother's, so I'm not sure exactly where it came from but it's a great stick.

 Revlon's Super Lusterous Lipstick: Love That Red

This stick has a little bit of an orangey tint, but mostly red. I love the color, it doesn't dry out my lips and it stick around all day, Love it.

All these previous sticks and stains run about $7 in any grocery store. These next ones are my cheapy sticks, but they work just as well.
We've got a red shimmer, pure purple color, and pure red color.

This would be the red shimmer, it's a little lighter red, somewhat sheer, but still vibrant color.

This is the purple, it's fun, a little ridiculous, but I like to be a little ridiculous sometimes. I'd like to find a lighter purple, since this one tends to look black and people think I'm crazy-town when I wear it.

Here's the pure red. I wear it when I'm feeling sassy, when I want that true red. And it works every time gotta love it

All in all I'd have to say my favorite drug-store brand would be Revlon. It works.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions you might have.


Bethany said...

This makes me want to buy lipstick.
I like the purple. It's cool.

Bethany said...

/ pretty.

Katie Bell said...

You can sure rock the colored lip girlfriend! Wish I didn't have miniscule lips that make me look ridiculous whenever I try to wear lipstick.

Hutchington Y. said...

Right on. Love your taste in lipstick. It's bold, and I don't think most people are brave enough to be bold like that.