Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I decided it was high time for Makenzi to finally try a pieshake.

We went with cheesecake, hers blackberry, mine raspberry.

Then we sat in the venue. Makenzi pretended to do homework with her shank-pen.

Then like a lame-o she totally owned that word-search.
I suck at those things, so I just pointed out make-believe words and she circled them for me.
out of pity I think....

Makenzi claims to have drawn this portrait.

It's a portrait of me. 
Pretty good, eh?

This is us someday.
Me in the orange, Makenzi in green.
In the future she shrinks....

Then, huzzah! I ran into Katie.  Hooray for blogger friends!
I know, it was a little awkward Katie... but I'm glad you said hello.

I hope if I ever run across anyone of you you'll speak up. It's fun.

We ended the night by terrorizing Ross.
and when I say terrorizing, I mean runaway kind of scared when the less-than friendly employee let's us know it's ten minutes until closing and any items we have should be purchased at the service desk at this time.
So tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to, right?


Katie said...

Sorry I'm a weirdo...but I'm glad I said hi cuz I totally would have regretted it! You are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

What lipstick do you wear?

Katie Fairchild said...

Way to get Kenzi to try a pie shake! Those things are divine! I have no idea if they have cupcake shakes down at that one too, but the key lime pie cupcake shake up words. Most heavenly thing on the planet.