Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just so you know...

I always win at the game "Two truths and One lie".
You know, the one you play when you're starting new in a place where you may not know everyone, like the first day of school, or new clubs, or seminary.
That game.

My typical answers for said game:

1. I was born in Mexico
2. I have an extra rib
3. I'm not a huge fan of getting wet

In junior high, high stress, standing for long periods of time, and carrying excessive weight on my back began to give me a strange kind of pinching pain in a small area of my upper back, just beneath my right shoulder. It would also cause my right forearm to go numb. After visits to two different chiropractors, the second diagnosed the problem. Above the line where most people's ribs end, near your head, I have another. It is small, but larger than most that occur. It somehow touches a nerve that causes the discomfort and numbness. Surgical removal is an option, but I don't like the idea of that. So it just kinda hangs around in there, giving me grief every once in a while.

2. I have an extra rib               THAT, my friends, is truth.

I'm from Utah. Lived here all my life. My parents are from Mexico. I've been there once in my life, and I was too young to remember it. Most other Mexican-Americans would say I'm not a real Mexican. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I hear it from the mouths of my fellow brown-ones on a regular basis. I'm often asked if I'm a halfsie. Being a halfsie would mean one of my parents was Mexican and the other was not (usually white). But no. I am not a halfsie. Though you might think so if you looked at my parents. My mother is what we would call a "white Mexican". Her skin is very fair and she even has freckles, so in most ways she looks white. Not to mention that she was born in California and lived there for five years. Her parents are Mexican, and at five she moved back to Mexico and grew up there with her family.

In Short, both my parents are Mexican. (this fact seems to confuse people...)

1. I was born in Mexico          THAT is a lie.

So now you know the other truth:

3. I'm not a huge fan of getting wet.

Honestly, I have to play tricks on myself because if I think too long about taking a shower, I won't do it. Not because I enjoy being filthy, or because I dislike being clean. It's just the idea of it. I can't fully explain why, but when I imagine getting wet, it's not a scenario that plays out nicely in my mind. So I have to sort of spring it on myself. I'll just walk around my room for a bit pretending that I'm looking for a book to read, or thinking of a song to play on my guitar, and then QUICK! grab some underwear and bolt for the bathroom before I can realize what's going on. Either that, or the moment I get out of bed (after prayers), I run for the bathroom before my groggy mind can be alert enough to know what is to occur shortly.

It's really not the actual getting wet that I mind, if it were, I would probably take the fastest legitimate showers known to man, but that is not the case. Once I'm in the shower, I can stay in there forever, maybe an hour or two, just letting the hot water run off me, just talking to myself (the shower is usually where my preliminary songwriting occurs).  SO, I guess it's really just the idea of getting wet that I hate.

Any questions?

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morgan. said...

"QUICK! grab some underwear and bolt for the bathroom before I can realize what's going on"

-- this is hilarious. im dying.