Saturday, June 30, 2012

lefty scissors

We saw moonrise kingdom yesterday.
All three of us thoroughly enjoyed it. 
It reminded us of Fantastic Mr. Fox a bit. The music, the color, and the exceedingly dry humor shared a striking resemblance.

As we were leaving the theater, they handed out samples of what I'm assuming is a new cereal. Supposedly made with real chocolate. It tasted funny dry, but I'm not sure milk would have remedied the problem. You can see here exactly how makenzi felt about it.

We dropped by one of our favorite book spots.

They always sit and look through the medical books. I'm not a fan of guts and gore so I just wandered around a bit.

Found this little gem. 

he's cute.

Andi grew about a foot when she put on these shoes. She almost killed herself trying to walk around in them. It's her personal challenge.

Twas a rather fantastic night.

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