Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes all I want

is someone to walk with me
someone to look at me, for just a second
to say my name and look at my face.

The bad thing about always walking in the same place is remembering.
The way my shadow hits the ground is the same as it did then
but instead of looking up to find a friend at the end of the sidewalk
I only find the other side of the road.

Sometimes it seems so much more beautiful, so much more compelling
to walk in the middle of the road, right down the center,
rather than on the sidewalk.
The path always seems straighter, and the lights from approaching cars seem to sing in the dusk light.
If I could stay there I would,
but I won't.

Sometimes all I want is to hear footsteps beside me, in time with mine,
to distract me from passing cars.

Sometimes all I want is for someone to ask me one question and really be listening for the answer.

Sometimes all I want is a presence,
a real one.

1 comment:

morgan. said...

your words always speak to me.