Monday, June 25, 2012

White grape juice

tastes mostly like what I think pee probably tastes like.
to me it tastes the way Target smells,
like pee and apple juice.
Like someone couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and they were so embarrassed that they couldn't think to do anything else but pour apple juice all over the place and make it look like a spill.
Every time I walk into Target and tell whoever might be with me that it smells like pee and apple juice they give me a funny look and say it just smells like popcorn.
But I don't think they really know if it smells like popcorn, I think they might just be saying that.

So I don't really like the taste of white grape juice. I really prefer just the regular purple kind.
The taste of purple grape juice is so pretty, and I like the sort of rough feeling it leaves in your mouth sometimes.
But we don't have the regular kind, just the white kind.
And when I opened the fridge I was thirsty, and it was just sitting there looking tricky, making me think it might be apple juice, but really I knew it was just the white kind of grape juice.
So I poured myself a glass.
Maybe I didn't actually think it tasted like what I think pee might taste like.
So I took a sip.
But I think it tastes like what I think pee might taste like.

maybe I'll wash it down with some bread.


Rae said...

Gee wiz, I just love this.

lalavcott said...

hahahah. I have never been so entertained reading about white grape juice. :) love you. Highlight of my day.