Wednesday, July 4, 2012

amethyst dreams

a morning of jaunty chatter.
an abundance of small children.

I thought I went to sleep rather early last night.
But it's not enough apparently.
That darn cat.
not the one with Christina Ricci,
but the one without her.
That Milo cat
and his stupid hairy pillow.

Why do people have to have cats?

I think I mostly hate them because they kill me,
but then when I think about it, I'd probably hate them anyway.

That stupid Milo cat and his freaky green eyes.
I hiss at him mostly.
Sometimes I stomp my feet to make him skitter away.

I can see his stupid eyes in the darkness.
eyes that make mine itch.

my eyes puff out today, more than usual.
and it's not even from lack of sleep.
it's that darn cat.

maybe a mix of the two.

but it's his fault my eyes are itchy and watering.

I decided I hate breakfast food in the morning.
I can't eat pancakes or waffles before noon.
I heave.

What a day to be born on.
the fourth of july.
I wonder if it feels bigger.
i wonder if it feels smaller.

Happy Birthday Bobbi, may your knee heal swiftly.

home again.
quiet but for the fan in the corner.
why is it so quiet?

I call and I hear the ringing this time.

it will be a while,           he says

but she's ok.

I wonder if he can hear the tears welling in my eyes.
how could he?
he can't.
but he knows.

come back safe mum.

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