Thursday, July 26, 2012


Kameron post...


But not really...

I love that tie. He's pretty much adorable.

Kam and E. Nielson in matching shades and ties. 

Kam and his most recent companion, E. Chet Fuller from Orem, Utah. I totally went to jr. high with chet. Small, small world.

AND. Kam's current companion, Elder Craig Hendricks. 

Craig went to high school with us, and I pretty much love him.
this is them in their "ugly" ties.
I like them.
I like them a lot.


Hutch Y. said...

I was actually just thinking how I want more Kameron posts. He looks cute with his buzzed head. And I like Craig's tie.

jalissa said...

My heavens, we just became best friends for this post! (: I love the pictures! I am now going to have to search your blog and find more posts! How fun!