Monday, July 23, 2012


 I eat these and watch Jane by Design.

I finished this book on saturday.

I took a shower afterward and watched the movie.
I love the movie, it's what prompted me to read the book,
because the book is always better, right?

But in this case I'm not sure yet.
I think I'll have to wait a bit and then watch it again. 
after reading the book, the movie seemed to be over in minutes.
the book lasted forever.

I like the movie ending better.
Kind of like Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak
I loved the book, but I felt better about the ending they gave it in the movie.

Speak is the only movie in which Kristen Stewart is tolerable.
mostly because she barely speaks. and when she does talk, it's in voiceover so I don't actually have to look at her face.

anywho. I've gotten a little adventure weary. jumping into these books that tend to throw me around a bit, they blister my eyes.
I need a little down time, healing time.
So I plunge into a forever-favorite.

I have quite a few forever favorites.
I read them at least once a year, if not more.
Reading them feels like being beautiful.
Like walking a country I've mapped out,
the roads are worn with my footprints and I can retrace my steps
marked by petals I've picked from the flowers that lead the way
and I breathe in the dusty road and the waning light that guides me.
it's a beautiful country.
a country I've missed more than home.


miss mandi said...

oh. that book was sooooooo good.
loved it.
so much.

Tam said...

I love Jane By Design. It inspires me.