Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Cheese Monkeys

I finished this book today...

I really liked it
up until the last 70 pages, that is.
It all got really crazy 
and really confusing 
really quickly.

The last page didn't feel like the last page.
I wasn't even expecting it to be over.
I was caught completely off guard, an unsuspecting innocent.
Sometimes it kills me when there's an excerpt of another novel by the same author at the end of the book.
It's just plain deceiving, especially when it's not overtly announced.

So there I was waiting almost impatiently for my eyes to sweep the page, 
willing my mind to comprehend the words more quickly, 
fingers poised, ready to turn the page.

I reeled for a moment, trying realize it was actually over.
the abrupt ending felt much like narrowly avoiding a finger-smashing in a quickly closing door.
the break was not a smooth one.
I wasn't ready for it.

It almost overtook me. Makenzi came over a few minutes after I'd finished.
It was strange that I suddenly felt so tired, so drained.
My brain was hazy as I spoke to her on the phone and it hadn't cleared much by the time she appeared at my front door. 
The frayed ends in my mind were beginning to take their toll, unraveling, tickling. 
I twitched, 
fluttered my fingers and popped my knuckles, suddenly craving rapid, fleeting movements. 
She noticed.
I tried to explain, desperately trying to calm myself.
I teared up a little.

I'll probably have to kick Chip Kidd in the shins someday.
You can't just do that to a person.
Not to someone like me.

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Meredith said...

you described that perfectly.
i've felt it billions of times.
i'm an avid reader.
i hate abrupt endings. i hate the excerpts. i don't use the word hate on many things.
i usually cry at the end of every book i read.
abrupt ending, sad ending, happy ending, any ending.