Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I probably

had my first day at menchies today.
it was probably pretty great.

plus, also.
When I went to Sammy's on monday I probably talked to Lovely Alisha.
she probably told me that her friend Kelsey works at menchies.
we're maybe going to be coworkers.
and by maybe,  
I mean, we are.

So if you're reading this Kelsey, I probably want to be your friend.
Because you're Alisha's buddy and Alisha is the best
so that means you're probably the best too.

let's be friends :)

y'all should come visit me at menchies.
it's probably the most delicious part of your life.
unless you don't like frozen yogurt.
in which case, 
you're probably not even a human...

you guys are cool.


Kelsey said...

we can be friends. and it will be the best.

Meg said...

do you work at Maceys, Menchies & Sammy's?