Saturday, July 28, 2012

it's nosebleed season

Finished this one last week on tuesday.

Why is it that when re-reading a book it only takes a fraction of the time it took you to read it the first time?

I'm indulging myself and re-reading another favorite...
Don't worry, 
one of these days I'll feel like getting through the stack of new books I just bought...


I bought this shirt yesterday. I'm not usually a pinkie wear-er.
I don't purposely avoid adding pink to my wardrobe, I'm just not usually drawn in by pink things.
This is quite possibly the pinkest thing I currently own. 
I quite like it.

It's getting hotter and my nose bleeds at night.
I'm a nosebleeder.
I don't understand people who tell me they've never had a nosebleed...
I could never understand how they've lived. 
Nosebleeds are that much a part of my life.
It's sort of sad actually.
The heat makes me bleed, 
swimming makes me bleed,
dry life makes me bleed.

I've learned tricks for getting blood out of my pants/shirts/pillowcases.
Spit on it.
the enzymes in your saliva break up the enzymes in your blood.
washes out like it was never there.

If that's gross to you, sorry. It's just the way I've learned to live.
I only adapt to my nose, 
that poor bleedy thing.


Katie Bell said...

I can't imagine living in a world where I'm not drawn to pink things. Every time I see a pair of pink skinnies I inadvertently gasp before I pick them up. Still haven't found a pair of bubble gum pink ones that I love though.

Hutch Y. said...

I love the shirt. Less pink, more coral. Whatever that means. I'm with you on the nosebleeds. Except I got my nose cauterized like four years ago. Still find a lot of dry blood up there, but don't have nose bleeds anymore. Strange about the spit, but I love little trivia like that.

Katie said...

I can't imagine not having nose bleeds either! I don't get them nearly as bad now as I did in elementary but bloody noses were a huge part of my childhood! It's silly.

Maddie Violet said...

Love The Mysterious Benedict Society. It's a real good one.

Miss Kim said...

Okay you're gorgeous. This is a love hate relationship we have going on here ruthie ;)