Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remember that one time

when I told you to remind me not to take movie suggestions from Kim?
too bad you weren't around to stop me from watching 1408 with her on monday.

that's a really crummy shot of us watching the movie.
probably the dumbest movie I've ever seen.
But in Kimberly's defense,  I don't think I've ever seen a thriller/horror movie that had a very good plot line...

we also probably went to Sammy's to get shakes.
Kim is pretty much always craving shakes...

aww kimmy 

This is probably a really great picture. except that stinky Christian always hides his stinky face whenever  I try to take a stinky picture...

I like those guys a lot probably.
except for Kim's stinky cat, Milo.
I don't like him,
always rubbin' up against my leg like we're friends like that.
he wishes.

he wishes.

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