Sunday, July 29, 2012

there's this thing

"What's that ruth?" you say, "Another ukulele?"

No, no my dear, it's a six stringed instrument, you see?
it's just a baby guitar. Isn't it so cute?
I die.

I bought it from Marvvy, my cousin. 
(he actually hates it when we call him Marvvy, but we love him so much that we just have to do it anyway)
but that was actually six months ago.

the day I got it
Here's thing, it needed new strings, badly.
so, so badly. It was un-tune-able.

In my brain I thought, One of these days I'll just swing by Burt Murdock's a get some new ones, no biggie. 
Only one problem. I never actually got there, for pretty much one reason.

I don't actually drive. 

I'm fairly certain the grand majority of you were unaware of this fact until this exact moment.
There's this thing called, driving-gives-me-crazy-anxiety.
it's pretty lame.
I passed my driver's ed class with flying colors (truthfully, I never did the homework, but I always aced the tests).
Then came roading, my driving skills were decent at 5am on school days.
the day of the test I slept in. 
I was stressed, my instructor was... less than attentive.
He didn't even let me finish the test. 
the moral of this story is, I never obtained my license.
I didn't have a problem with that seeing how driving is probably my least favorite thing in the world.

This past week I needed to be at work and there was no one available to take me. I was in something of a quandry.

A solution was found. I would drive myself via brother Brett's scooter. Not the foot-push kind, the key-in-the-ignition kind. 
surprisingly, it worked out pretty well.
I took back roads, leaving a few minutes earlier than normal to make time for driving on streets with lower speed limits (driving fast pretty much makes me want to die).
And I came to a conclusion, 

I need to get my license.

I still really hate to drive, especially fast, but I never felt so efficient. 
Not having to wait for anyone else, I could drop by winco on my way home to pick up some treats for my sunbeams, and to Burt Murdock to purchase some new strings.It's not as if I suddenly want to drive everywhere, but more and more it's become clear to me that I need to be able to have the option to drive some places.

I'm going to get my license, but don't expect to see me out on the road.
it still kills me, but there are some evils that are necessary to daily life.
this is mine.

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Katie said...

This is just awesome and I think you are rad :)