Sunday, July 15, 2012

They're probably plotting in secret combinations.

I finished this one.

I liked it. His voice reminded me of Holden, just a bit.
But these authors are killing me.
In the last and most crucial pages they turn everything upside-down.
leaving me feeling cut off when they refuse to give more of an explanation.

It wasn't quite as detrimental to my psyche as the last one, but I still wanted to spit, sort of.
But I did like, in a strange way, how I only found out his name six pages from the end.
It hadn't quite occurred to me that I didn't know it until it was spelled out on the page.

Now I delve into this one.

A needed break, a restful read for my heart.
precisely because I know how it ends.
I've not read it before, but it was the inspiration for one of my favorite movies.

Wish me luck.

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