Tuesday, July 24, 2012

this is

a kameron binge.
don't like it? mmmmtoo bad.
because I, most certainly, do.

This picture kills me every time.  
It never fails to make me laugh.
he would hate that this is out there for all of you to see.
and that just makes it even funnier to me.
am I horrible?
oh, well. He'll get over it.

He hates the summer (like me)
the heat kills his insides as much as it does mine, but I think he looks so cute all dressed up.

His stupid nose kills me.
I love it.
It's his least favorite part of his face. When we were first friends he refused to ever let his profile be seen.
He always looked at me straight on.
I forced him to get over it.
It's my second favorite part of his face.
I love it. I can't even explain why.

My winco boy. I'd visit him on his lunch break. We would eat in the shade of the company sign on the east lawn. When we came back the next time, our bum marks would still be there in the grass.

I don't play video games. It bores me to tears.
the closest I ever came to enjoying a video game was when I played a Barbie Safari demo that came with our playstation2. I just thought it was funny to make her walk out in front of the elephants and watch her get knocked over on her bum.
Kam loves videos games. 
Good thing he has my brothers to play with him, because I can't.
I really just can't.

We went to menchie's all the time.
All the time.
Zupa's, Panda and menchie's are our favorite places.
The day he was getting set apart we went to Zupa's with his family.
I haven't been there since just because if feels weird without him.
He chose to go to Zupa's that night because I love it.
Kam's an asian cuisine type of guy.
His favorite restaurant was PF Chang's.
that is, until we went there for prom my senior year and I almost died. (paramedics are probably pretty great)
now he refuses to ever go there again.

He's just my cute little misfit.
I never imagined that the guy for me would be someone who always secretly wanted a mohawk 
and actually had one at one point. 
Someone who lives for loud punk rock, singers who can't sing, and Rancid.

But he's pretty much the greatest.


natmonse said...

you guys are so cute. you're so cute.

Katie Fairchild said...

Love this :) And that argyle sweater looks fantastic on him! I've never seen him in anything besides band t-shirts, haha.

Katie Bell said...

I never judge someone for Missionary binges, because I'm the same way. It's taking all my self control to not talk about Rob all day every day on my blog. He's probably the reason I've been less present on my blog recently. Also, I hate video games too. Kameron and Rob can play them together and we can go watch Julie Andrews.

Hutch Y. said...

I know you didn't just say punk rock singers that can't sing. You seriously don't appreciate the good things in life. I do find the interest in punk rock and a mormon mission quite funny. I love the way you talk about him. It's adorable.